Why Choosing Food Grade Hygiene Equipment is Essential?

Following a slew of recent foodborne illness outbreaks, the question of how to maintain optimal standards of hygiene in food processing facilities has resurfaced and an important part of this discussion, must be focused on the hygiene equipment and materials used to clean food production facilities.

Like many things, the terms ‘food grade’ and ‘food safe’ tend to have different meanings depending on which part of the world you live.  This is why it is important to choose food safe, or food grade hygiene equipment, materials and services that have been certified by HACCP. As an international organisation and governing body, HACCP identifies and implements globally recognised food safety programs and hygiene standards.

What food grade equipment does HACCP certify?

The range of food safe hygiene equipment, materials and services typically includes:

  • Cleaning services cleaning materials, chemicals, soaps and sanitizers
  • Fit out material, cool room equipment, lighting, ventilation systems, and storage items
  • Pest Control services and chemicals
  • Processing equipment, dispensers, components and consumables,
  • Utensils, work wear and food safety items – thermometers, loggers and systems
  • Construction materials, surfaces and finishes

What makes hygiene equipment and materials food grade?

It is the design of hygiene equipment, with the objective of ensuring that items are durable, and enable continuous cleanability, that makes equipment food grade. In fact it is poor equipment design, construction and maintenance that is recognised as a serious contributor to foodborne illness outbreaks.

When it comes to food safe or food grade hygiene cleaning materials, these are designed and tested to ensure high levels of penetration and effectiveness, while killing germs and removing contamination that can cause food borne illnesses.

The legislation around food contact materials, provides that these materials do not transfer any components into food in quantities that could endanger human health or change the composition, taste or texture of food.

Domestic food production equipment and hygiene materials are not subject to the same standard of design and rigorous testing as those approved for the food services industry and it is therefore essential, to choose a professional supplier of food grade or food safe equipment and materials.

Food grade hygiene equipment and cleaning consumables that are HACCP approved and have been designed to minimise contamination, will typically include these characteristics:

Corrosion resistant: corrosion enables pathogens to easily attach to a surface and makes a surface difficult to keep clean.

Non-toxic: equipment should be constructed of materials that do not leach chemical toxicants or dangerous organic compounds.

Non-corrosive and non-abrasive: detergents and cleaning aids used on food preparation equipment should not corrode surfaces.

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