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Washroom Hygiene – Are you doing it right?

WASHROOM HYGIENE – Are you doing it right?

Successful food safety and quality assurance in food production facilities are dependent on good personal hygiene practices. Personnel are one of the biggest risks of food contamination and therefore personal hygiene programs are crucial.

Hygiene support for employees are pertinent to ensure that the risk of product contamination is reduced and to eliminate the possibility of those products reaching consumers. Identifying all possible hygiene risks can be challenging as there are many factors such as tools, equipment, products and movement patterns to take into consideration.

Managing the do’s and don’ts of common hygiene practice is a good place to start and lays the foundation for a more complex program to follow. The key is to always improve the ability to identify possible contamination factors and set personnel up to do it right from the start as bad habits are hard to break.

Take a look at some important hygiene Do’s below:

  1. Provide personnel with adequate resources needed to maintain hand hygiene throughout their work day.
  2. Use hand wash & sanitisers that meet related standards.
  3. Place hand washing stations in strategic places.
  4. Establish handwashing procedures and institute verifications such as hand swabs to validate cleanliness.
  5. Train your personnel.

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