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The importance of washroom hygiene solutions

Clean restrooms help to improve your image and save you money. But that’s not all. Let’s look at the additional advantages of using washroom hygiene solutions.

Professional cleaning companies will tailor their services to your specific requirements and advise on maintaining optimal workplace hygiene. Here are some reasons you should seek professional assistance in promoting restroom hygiene.


If you thought professional washroom hygiene solutions were too expensive, consider the alternative. In the long run, in-house restroom maintenance can be costly and time-consuming. However, commercial cleaning companies use cutting-edge equipment and supplies, producing high-quality cleaning results.

Customer satisfaction

Different factors influence customer purchasing habits, some of which we fail to take seriously. One of them is hygiene. It affects how your customers and prospects perceive you. Toilets that stink, are dirty, and are poorly maintained are a complete turnoff and will drive customers and other visitors away. Sanitation and washroom hygiene solutions have the opposite effect. Your customers will appreciate clean, sanitary restrooms that are well-stocked with necessary amenities, which will greatly benefit your company.

Fewer illnesses

Your company’s performance suffers when your employees cannot come to work due to illnesses caused by an unsanitary workplace environment. In addition, poor hygiene services put your employees, customers, and anyone else in your space at risk of contracting diseases. On the other hand, proper washroom hygiene solutions ensure that all washroom wastes are correctly disposed of, leaving no room for cross-contamination.

Clean surfaces

While in-house cleaners may take good care of the visible spaces and surfaces in your facility, they may overlook the corners and crevices. As a result, dirt build-up will eventually become too much and begin to corrode or damage surfaces. This causes rapid deterioration of your buildings, necessitating repairs and renovations. In addition, when the wrong cleaning supplies are used, surfaces deteriorate quickly, resulting in unnecessary repairs and renovations.

Increased productivity

Did you know that poor hygiene practices reduce employee productivity? Aside from sick days, your employees will develop a detached attitude if they dislike their workplaces. Dirty restrooms keep them away from work, while a lack of necessary amenities fosters an unsanitary culture. Washroom hygiene solutions take care of this by keeping your workplace clean, safer, and more comfortable.

User-friendly facilities

High-touch surfaces are one of the most serious safety concerns in public places like restrooms. For example, if an infected person touches a tissue dispenser, a washbasin, a door handle, a urinal, a sanitary waste dispenser, or a soap dispenser, you and others are at risk. However, you can reduce this by installing sensor taps and double or revolving doors.

Frequent deep cleaning

Public places require thorough cleaning regularly. Rather than relying on internal cleaners who may struggle to clean after heavy foot traffic, hire a cleaning company to send in professional cleaners. Ecowize provides well-trained personnel who are prepared to meet stringent cleaning requirements. As a result, we will keep your facilities clean to an exceptionally high standard.

Contact Ecowize for details

Washrooms pose a risk in your workplace because they are shared common areas with many touchable surfaces. Contact a representative from Ecowize today if you want to know more about our washroom hygiene solutions. Alternatively, feel free to continue browsing our website for details.


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