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Justice Mathebula – Director of Culture

“Hard work surpasses talent. I got this far by doing my work with a smile, even if the going sometimes got tough. Staying focused and learning from the previous days mistakes makes one a better person the next day”

Starting in March 2000 as a hygiene operator, Justice was promoted to team leader the very same year. Ecowize acquired a large contract at City Deep in 2001 and he was promoted to site supervisor. “What was funny about this contract is that the hours we so unusual to what I am used to now, we used to work from 4am – 8am in the mornings then returned the same day at 16h00 to 20h00. It was tough but, I was a dedicated young man and after 9 months a site manager positioned opened up and I got it”.

From October 2001 to 2007 Justice worked as a site manager and it was there where he became known as Mr. Simba man. He was tasked to drive specific national objectives which saw him successfully land and manage numerous contracts, and as the saying goes the rest is history. Justice was recently appointed as Director of Culture at Ecowize, which brings a whole new set of challenges that he is eager to conquer. He also hopes to show others that with grit and determination, great success can be achieved.

Ecowize would like to wish Justice the best in this new endeavor!

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