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Step up your Shutdown: How to Maximise your Plant’s Downtime

Running a plant or factory is a balancing act, with so much going on and many different and moveable parts coming into the equation. So what’s our suggestion for using your time wisely? Well, bring us in when you have other planned shutdowns (whether for maintenance or equipment enhancements) and maximise your downtime. Two birds, one shutdown.

At Ecowize, we pride ourselves in being able to come in and work around any other goings-on that you have planned during your plant’s pause – while still delivering a top-notch cleaning service.

Cleaning is done according to a master cleaning schedule, including high-level cleaning or stripping and deep cleaning machines and cleaning after the completion of maintenance or installations. By stripping equipment (like fixed conveyor belts, transfer pipes and cooling units), we can get into the areas that are usually not accessible for cleaning.

During this maintenance shutdown, Ecowize can assist with high-level painting, pest control installations, inspections, and repair work to roofs and gutters. One specialist team, many solutions. We can also come in and clean after fumigation for pests to make sure that dead insects and the chemical residue are removed.

Our expert team can also install and inspect any temporary or permanent lifelines, and load-test your anchor bolts. All of this is done in line with EN795 legislation, to ensure the safety of your staff and contractors on site.

We also stick around, after the completion of your maintenance or installation, to perform a final clean and sanitisation, getting rid of all debris, grease, dust or other foreign objects.

To top it all off, our team inspects your space, signing off all cleaning records and providing you with a detailed report for your external auditors. Our Quality Team will also take microbiological swabs to give you peace of mind that the area is hygienically clean and food safe.

Time is an invaluable resource so planning ahead and maximising your plant’s downtime is a real win-win! Chat to us about how we can help you step up your shut down.

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