How to start a career in essential services

As the world adjusts to a new normal, the importance and demand of skilled food safety specialists has increased exponentially. As an essential service, jobs in this industry will continue to expand and advance. With a variety of choices available, these careers should be top of mind for anyone looking for growth and upward mobility. As part of our Mandela Day knowledge pledge, Ecowize will be guiding more young people on how to upskill themselves to land these positions. With social distancing guidelines in place, we decided to do this through a series of online tutorials.

Opportunities can range from a Hygiene Operator, Supervisor, Site Manager and Deep Clean Manager, to a Pest Control Operator and Rope Access /High Level Cleaning. We have put together some tutorials that show how you can make the first step to your new career – like compiling a successful CV and prepping for an interview. View our tutorials here:

Starting a career in essential services:

CV & interview tips:

How to create a powerpoint video lesson:

We also have an up-to-date job portal where we list Ecowize opportunities:

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