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Here’s how our team’s knowledge and experience make food factory dreams come true.

For about six months last year, Ecowize lent an eager hand by helping a small business grow into a successful brand. From early preparation and development, we assisted our customer, Bite Buddy – an innovative pap-and-sauce on-the-go offering – by effectively transforming its facility from a shed into a factory. Through hard work, together we were able to help them realise their dream.

While building businesses is not the core of our operation, we knew that this would be a great opportunity to demonstrate our efficiency when it comes to supplying the best and most valuable resources and our expertise.

“We encourage the concept of having human-like interactions and experiences, almost to a point where our clients feel like family,” says Lerina, a food safety specialist at Ecowize. With consistent communication, we started off by joining Bite Buddy in their meetings with their specialised consultants and directors to get on board.

As our client’s best interests are always in mind, we wanted to get a full understanding on everything that was needed to reach this goal. It was an all-encompassing discussion from the product and the services that we were going to provide, from facility layout to training and all the resources and expertise that were going to be involved from the beginning to the end of this development.

We acknowledged the fact that our client did not, at first, obtain the knowledge in place to carry out the most important aspect of the factory which is the food safety procedures. Here, we made sure that they would be guided every step of the way.

As part of the beginning phase, we brought forward the layout of what the factory was going to look like and guided a test kitchen for trials. Our teams did an excellent job at training the facility’s staff. Thereafter, we gave them a certain period, with frequent visitations, to implement all their acquired knowledge, practically. Following this, we had all trial and risk assessments documents confidently verified.

No matter what, Ecowize always comes prepared. We delivered a comprehensive document about everything facility and equipment related as per local regulations and the FSSC22000 standard. We have a strong and open relationship with our clients and although we give them the freedom of choice, we make sure to, always, give them recommendations and the best advice possible – including the brush ware that is to be used within their facility for optimal food safety.

The most important thing for Ecowize, as mentioned was to “always keep in good communication,” says Lerina, whether it’s between us and our clients or all the divisions that make up Ecowize. This project would have not been made possible without the professional services that we gladly provided. But our clients were offered more than just our services, they were given peace of mind and a dream that has been successfully fulfilled.




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