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Low Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Low Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Low pressure cleaning is done either by means of a centralized or decentralized setup or can be done through the use of mobile units. These systems reduce irregularities associated with cleaning to provide a food safe environment. Ecowize offers high quality low pressure cleaning equipment for surface cleaning and open plant cleaning in the food, beverage and dairy industries. This technology allows you optimize cleaning tasks by choosing a cleaning solution with the exact pressure, flow, foam and disinfectant to suit your cleaning needs.

Ecowize is a distributor of FOAMICO who has one of the largest product offerings in the industry to provide a solution for every task and sector. In partnership with Grundfos, FOAMICO offers pumps and software customized for maximum performance and ultimate efficiency. The Grundfos blueflux® label guarantees that pumps are equipped with the best energy-optimized motor technology. The products are innovative, reliable and very easy to operate and are designed to increase operational efficiency.


The benefits of using low pressure systems:

  1. Reduces cleaning time
  2. Secures product quality & improves food safety
  3. Reduces energy consumption by up 60% with energy optimized technology from Grundfos (Grundfos blueflex®)
  4. Reduces water usage up to 25%
  5. Minimizes impact on production equipment


Source (FOAMICO)


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