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Food & Beverage Industries that Rely on Professional Cleaning Services

The Red Meat Industry

The red meat industry is at risk in a number of ways and through all of its processes. Contamination, even at the point of carcass handling can lead to meat becoming unfit for consumption, posing a danger not only to your clients, but also to your brand.

Because of this, businesses concerned with the production of red meat need to take care not to host a production environment that is unsanitary.

The Poultry Industry

Salmonella is an ugly word, and wherever poultry is produced and distributed, it is a word that you don’t want on the tip of anybody’s tongue. To do this, the risk of contamination in meat and eggs needs to be eliminated by maintaining a hygienic production environment at all times.

The Seafood Industry

The seafood industry has a few particular concerns to handle in terms of sanitation, since contamination could lead to produce with parasites and pathogens in it, all of which render them unfit for human consumption. In some cases, seafood products also need to be prepared for the pharmaceutical industry, in which case there can be no contaminants in the produce.

The Wine Industry

The wine industry needs to maintain hygienic standards for a few reasons. Two of the most important include producing a product that is safe for consumption, and the other is concerned with the quality of the wine as a finished product. Contaminants are known to lessen the quality of wine, and as such, it is important to enact thorough sanitation wherever it is being produced.

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