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Ecowize recently installed a crate washer


  • Suitable for crates with maximum dimensions of 600 x 400 mm (based on E-crates).
  • The capacity of this unit is a maximum of 800 crates per hour with a staying time of 45 seconds.
  • The crates are passed through the unit with a track width of 400 or 600 mm.
  • The maximum crate height is 300 mm.


  • Emergency stop on control panel.
  • Water level switch in wash tank to prevent the pumps from running dry.
  • Protective cap over rotating parts.


  • EKW-5000: Pre-wash, main wash & rinse zone
  • EKW-5000 + EAB-2-ST: Pre-wash, main wash, rinse & blow-off zone

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