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Does it REALLY work to wash? YES!

This case study is especially relevant given that today is World Hand Hygiene Day and, in a time of COVID-19, stringent hand hygiene has never been as important.

With the topic of hand washing soaring, we at Ecowize have done extensive handwashing-and-sanitation trials and swabs to see the efficiency and effectiveness of washing and sanitizing our hands. We made use of two proudly Ecowize products, HW10 and HS70 to conduct the trial with.

In the above picture is Joyce Chauke, a brilliant Hygiene Operator working the CIP shift at a Poultry Processing plant in HBP and myself Fanie Koelman – New Business Development and Technical Consultant.

The study consisted of taking working staff within the facility from the production lines to have their hands swabbed BEFORE washing, and then again AFTER washing, returning them back to the production floor.  We did so to see the effectiveness of following the Ecowize Hand Wash Procedure, and to see the efficiency of the HW10 combined with HS70 for cleaning and sanitizing.

The outcome was astounding! The cleaning and decontamination of your hands within a minute when washing and sanitizing correctly is indeed EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE!

To better understand the results, let me break it down for you.

Imagine the size of a matchbox; this is roughly how big of an area is swabbed when conducting a hygiene survey (swab) on your hand. And on a swab, we found more than 600 counts of bacteria active and living on that small area on the hands of the staff who formed part of the trial! Just image 600 bacterias living on one small space of your hand! BUT after washing and sanitizing that number of bacteria dropped to ZERO.


It is extremely important to keep washing and sanitizing our hands, not only at the workplace, but also at home!


By Fanie Koelman, New Business & Technical Consultant at Ecowize

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