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With over 20 years specialising in cleaning and sanitation solutions, Ecowize has become the leading provider for contract and once-off cleaning services in South Africa. Our business is at the forefront of innovation and we collaborate with you to become an integral part of your value chain, from farm to fork. Our cleaning and sanitation processes are ISO 22000 certified and ensures that all your business is serviced to the highest standard.

Contract Cleaning

Ecowize offers contract cleaning services that are specific to each customers needs. This turnkey solution, with all sanitation components bundled into a fixed cost, can be readily deployed into your current business, system or process. It will be executed immediately once implemented and adding immediate value. Typically, we would utilise a highly qualified technical team and resource the project accordingly; assure mitigation of any risk to you switching your provider or your in-house team, while we execute the implementation. This process keeps you running, no matter what. We take the headache out of changing service providers.

With this solution, the full ownership of the sanitation program resides with Ecowize, which includes all supplies, equipment capex, quality management systems, audits and cleaning results.

Deep Cleaning

Equipment Stripping

Cleaning in Process (CIP)

No processing facility is the same, therefore specialised deep cleaning programmes are developed by our team of experts for each of our contract customers. Using a risk-based approach, appropriate deep cleaning and sanitation frequencies are identified to ensure that your facility always meets the required hygiene standards.

Along with specified cleaning frequencies our programme includes equipment stripping plans for each item in your facility. Equipment stripping is vital to ensure that biofilm and bacteria build up is eliminated from hard to reach places that could potentially results in contamination of products during processing.

Cleaning in process (CIP) addresses all the cleaning needs that fall outside of the scope of a standard deep clean. This service takes place during production hours and includes processing areas (excess debris removal) and non-processing areas such as canteens, ablutions, dispatch and more.


We have developed a cost calculator to give you an idea of what to expect in terms of cost and services.

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Once-off Cleaning

At Ecowize our specialised cleaning and sanitationteams are ready to assist with your once-off cleaning requirements. Our services are performed in accordance with the applicable standards and come with a verification documentation of the tasks performed. A good clean can often ensure that a space is maintained. Furthermore, the correct cleaning products will be used. When sanitation levels are upheld your space becomes one which has a strong character. It is often more about brand image than anything else. Take a look at our once-off services below.

If you do not see you what you need below, contact us to talk about how we can assist you.

High Level Cleaning

Broiler Houses

Independent Abbatoirs


Silo Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Pathogen Protocols

Extraction Hood Cleaning


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