Common Pests in Food Processing Environments – #2: Flies

The warmer months are well on their way and with the rise in temperatures, we can expect to see an increase in one of the greatest pest control challenges – the fly. For food processing facilities, flies are more than just an in-your-face annoyance, they are a major health risk. Known for spreading disease and spoilage organisms in food, flies
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Hygiene: Upgrade Your Awareness For Better Health

Courtesy of Longevity Proper, sustainable hygiene is one of the fundamentals of healthy living and ensuring that our immune systems don’t get overtaxed. By acquiring a greater awareness around the right and wrong ways to maintain optimal hygiene, you can start to incorporate habits that will contribute to this goal. We spoke to Gareth Loyd-Jones, the Chief Commercial Officer at Ecowize
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Ecowize recently installed a crate washer

Overview Suitable for crates with maximum dimensions of 600 x 400 mm (based on E-crates). The capacity of this unit is a maximum of 800 crates per hour with a staying time of 45 seconds. The crates are passed through the unit with a track width of 400 or 600 mm. The maximum crate height is 300 mm. Safety Emergency
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Chasing Zero: What Will It Take to Improve Food Safety Standards in SA?

Chasing Zero: What Will It Take to Improve Food Safety Standards in SA? SA FM Interview with Gareth-Lloyd Jones The recent Listeria outbreak, which claimed over 180 lives, has been a major eye opener for South Africans and has resulted in consumers not just questioning food safety standards, but insisting on a zero-tolerance approach to bacterial contamination and exposure. Gareth-Lloyd

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What is Log Reduction?

Log reduction is a mathematical term used when testing product efficacy to indicate the number of microbes eliminated by the use of a disinfectant. The number of colony forming units of a given pathogen is counted at the start of testing. The colony forming units of the control sample and test sample (using the disinfectant) are recounted after the required

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Listeria mono and tolerance to QAC’s

by Gareth Lloyd-Jones: 26 March 2018 Post the Listeria Symposium in Johannesburg South Africa, hosted by Food Focus, a research paper compiled by students from the University of Stellenbosch, has been doing the rounds, after these findings were presented at the symposium. The study isolated Listeria (LM) in 9 salmon and meat facilities in Norway to investigate the prevalence of

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Low Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Low Pressure Cleaning Equipment Low pressure cleaning is done either by means of a centralized or decentralized setup or can be done through the use of mobile units. These systems reduce irregularities associated with cleaning to provide a food safe environment. Ecowize offers high quality low pressure cleaning equipment for surface cleaning and open plant cleaning in the food, beverage

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Listeria – What Happened To Tiger Brands Could Have Happened To Any Business

Courtesy of HUFFPOST: Article by – Zongile Nhlapo What happened to Tiger Brands could have happened to any other business entity. That’s the view held by Gareth Lloyd-Jones, chief commercial officer of hygiene and sanitation company Ecowize. He was responding after the source of the deadly listeriosis outbreak was narrowed down to Enterprise’s Polokwane facility and a rainbow chicken processing

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SA’s Listeria outbreak reveals urgent need for a designated food control agency

SA’s Listeria outbreak reveals urgent need for a designated food control agency! Radio Sonder Grense Interview with Ecowize – 01 February 2018 With over 720 laboratory-confirmed cases of food poisoning caused by Listeria in 2017*, and the death toll resulting from the current outbreak surpassing 60, South Africa is in dire need of a Food Control Agency which can better manage

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Listeria – What You Should Know

What is Listeria? monocytogenes is an environmental pathogen that can contaminate foods and cause a mild, non-invasive illness (listerial gastroenteritis) or a severe, invasive illness (listeriosis). Listeriosis is characterized by a relatively high mortality rate compared to illnesses caused by most other foodborne pathogens (~20% compared to <1 % for Salmonella or E. coli O157), but can be treated with antibiotics.

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