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What is once-off specialised cleaning?

Once-off specialised cleaning is used in conjunction with a regular cleaning regimen to ensure that specific cleaning standards are maintained throughout a facility. When the on-site cleaning team can’t manage deep cleaning, this service is typically performed by a specialised team from a company like Ecowize.

Using once-off specialised cleaning services achieves the same result as hiring a specialised team permanently. In addition, including once-off specialised cleaning services in your master cleaning schedule keeps businesses in compliance with audit and hygiene standards.

Daily cleaning follows a master cleaning schedule and ensures that all equipment and surfaces are cleaned. On the other hand, once-off specialised cleaning focuses on a specific cleaning requirement that the on-site cleaning team does not always meet.

How frequently should a once-off specialised cleaning be done?

Crucial factors determining the frequency of once-off specialised cleaning include the type of facility, the accessibility of areas to be cleaned, your audit requirements, and even industry-specific legislation. It’s a great idea to get a professional team in at the start of the year so your employees can return to a clean and sanitised environment after the holidays.

Why hire a commercial cleaning service?

Keeping your business clean is essential for your employees’ safety and for impressing your clients. As soon as your customers enter your establishment, they will form an opinion based on the surroundings. Generally, a professional cleaning company will use new cleaning trends to increase productivity while decreasing the number of sick days taken by your employees.

Cleaning and sanitation outsourcing is far more cost-effective and efficient than hiring in-house employees. A contract cleaning company provides better and longer-lasting results and uses the appropriate equipment, techniques, and cleaning chemicals for each job.

Some businesses prefer to have their own cleaning staff to perform daily sweeping, mopping, and dusting duties, but a contract cleaning company like Ecowize, will also provide daily services in addition to one-time cleaning. Outsourcing cleaning services has numerous advantages for businesses.

Cleaning is cost-effective

A professional cleaning service can handle a large office, factory, or warehouse in a shorter amount of time. Outsourcing reduces a company’s financial burden for its own cleaning equipment and chemicals and saves time and money on recruiting an in-house cleaning team. Ecowize uses eco-friendly cleaning products, specialised equipment, and expert techniques to keep the entire workplace clean, sanitary, and sanitised.

Greater flexibility

Cleaning services outsourcing allows a company to be more agile and flexible. It allows managers and employees to concentrate on their core responsibilities without worrying about cleaning and sanitising throughout the day.


A professional cleaning service has the knowledge and training required to complete jobs correctly.

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