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What is Log Reduction?

Log reduction is a mathematical term used when testing product efficacy to indicate the number of microbes eliminated by the use of a disinfectant. The number of colony forming units of a given pathogen is counted at the start of testing. The colony forming units of the control sample and test sample (using the disinfectant) are recounted after the required test time has elapsed. The difference in colony forming units between the control and the test sample is then expressed as a log reduction.

The below example (based on 1 000 000 cfus) indicates the difference between various log reductions

What does this indicate about our chemicals?

Our disinfectants and detergent-disinfectants all achieved a 5-log (Log5) or greater reduction upon testing. This means that a 99.999% or higher reduction was achieved on all of our products. Products were tested against BS EN 1276:2009 standard and comply when used as directed.

For a list of our product please contact us at or place an enquiry on the website and one of our experts get in touch with you. Please keep an eye on the website for our full range product catalogue coming soon.


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