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The Major Concerns For Food Processing Facilities

Why Is Food Processing Important?

Food processing has been a major way in which we have preserved our food for over two hundred years. Food safety services are used in order to see if the food and beverages being sold are in the right grade.

Now of course as time has gone on, the techniques and technologies used have evolved and advanced, with the use of chemicals being an important substance in the preservation of foods.

Cleaning and sanitation companies equip your facilities with hygienic solutions as well as processes on how to better maintain your facilities.

Cleaning specialists, such as Ecowize, are focused on developing a strong standard for your facility, building transparency and accountability for your business, which only helps in building a positive brand image.

If the food processing system were to ever come unravelled, and not be able to be done, this would cause a major issue for the entire world.

It is argued that over sixty-one per cent of all global foods have been partially or completely processed.

With such a large percentage of all food processed, it’s easy to see why food processing facilities are concerned with maintaining their hygiene and operating standards.

Where most companies are up to code with their food and beverages, there are others who try and take the easy road. Some even begin undercutting and deceiving their customers based on the quality of what they are selling.

The Five Scenarios

Safety Standards Being Compromised To Meet Production Targets

The pressure to continuously meet the demand of producing and supplying large amounts of goods is something which affects all food and beverage facilities.

The fear that food safety services may be being ignored, as meeting the demands regardless of the standards of the food is seen as more important, is ripe in the mind of managers of food and beverage factories.

The obsession with making a profit over actually caring about the product being supplied has to lead to issues in the quality and safety of the foods and beverages.

By compromising your safety standards, you’re not only putting the reputation of your business at risk, but you’re also disregarding the welfare of consumers.

A Cleaning and Sanitation company wouldn’t be doing their job right if they allowed you to speed up the production line while overlooking the wellbeing of the global population.

Food Fraud

Food fraud is the deed of purposefully misinforming or misreporting certain ingredients, food, the packaging or information on the packaging, which will lead to your business making a profit but at the expense of the consumer.

This fear is not without warrant, as in the recent past food fraud has been committed by companies, all in an attempt to squeeze out as much profit as they could.

Companies who use soy instead of meat in their products, as well as pork or horse instead of beef, have resulted in many individuals acquiring health problems.

Food safety services like Ecowize, have put procedures and assessments in place in order to help your business prevent these types of food fraud incidents.

The ignorant thing to do is simply hope that food fraud will stop, or that it won’t occur in your business. The right thing to do is actively ensure that it does not happen.

Third-Party Hygiene Audits

Third-Party audits are done when a business has a set of requirements and standards that they have to adhere to, in terms of the quality management system, and want to guarantee that no matter what their business will be approved within these standards.

Hiring an independent company to perform the audit seems shady, and many times it is, as the quality of what you’re producing may not be up to par.

This means that your product could actually be potentially life or health-threatening.

Bringing in a company who provides a food safety service, including auditing, such as Ecowize, is the best bet for your business.

Honest reporting will only lead to positive results as Ecowize, cleaning specialists, take their work very seriously and will provide you with key ways to improve your health and safety.

Accountability will build your brand.

Allergy Management

Allergies range from being a minor inconvenience all the way to being life-threatening.

Being able to read information off of a product’s container will allow you to know if there are any items which may cause an allergic reaction.

If there is no information on the ingredients or certain information has not been added, this could be potentially dangerous.

The impact that this can have on your business is pretty much detrimental, as your brand awareness will be in a negative spotlight.

Managing the expression of allergens is simple, you either do or you don’t.

If this procedure seems confusing there is always a business such as Ecowize that provides a food safety service.

Doing so will prevent a lot of unfortunate circumstances, and keep your business from being portrayed as uncaring and irresponsible.

Emerging Risks

The fear of the unknown may actually be more frightening than knowing what it is you need to monitor and control.

Not knowing what could be a potential risk, means that you don’t know exactly how to prevent the risk, or how severe the risk could be.

Food safety fears stem from the rise in global climate change as well as medications.

The use of medications has risen and seems to be continually rising, as doctors prescribe more and more people with medicine.

Food is also a carrier of antibiotics.

The reason as to why this is fear is the more medication consumed by individuals, the harder and more resilient the bacteria becomes to it.

Climate change will also affect the way in which bacteria is spread and with medication having the potential to not be useful, there could be a crisis in terms of bacteria spread, especially with the haphazard temperature changes across the globe.


A British survey was conducted on food safety and found a number of key results relating to how food safety is perceived in the industry.

55% have anxieties about compromised safety standards.

This means that more than half of the companies that were surveyed have managers who fear that there could be an undermining of quality standards in some way or another.

This would mean that if their fears were to come true, facilities could be running in a way which may negatively affect everyday people, only because product demands are to be met and profit made.

63% of managers felt that big stress is food fraud.

As mentioned above food fraud is quite a dangerous thing to do.

Even if your business is not directly responsible for the fraud occurring, when found out, your businesses brand could be tarnished in some way or another.

66% of managers fear that climate change is going to have an acute impact on our food safety and food supply.

62% of food processing facilities managers expressed their concern with third-party hygiene audits.

Certain individuals even stated that they were not convinced with the professionalism of the auditors, adding that allergen issues are also a huge concern for the food safety sector.

In addition to this is transport owners, who’re business transfer the foodstuffs from one point to another, who admit that there is a threat of contamination when transporting the product to many different locations.

Although these are concerns for managers and owners, 83% state that they believe that their business has developed the transparency and accountability of good business practice.

61% vouched for the Food Crime Unit to provide obscurity of identity if they were to highlight certain businesses who may be involved in unscrupulous business activities.

Ecowize Has You Covered

Ecowize provides food safety services with due diligence and with reliability.

Not only are they able to deliver top-notch services in the food safety sector, but they have also been doing so for over twenty-five years.

What this means is that their experience is so extensive, that they know exactly how to improve your standards and with the lowered cost and in a short timeframe.

Making You Audit Ready

Ecowize has a number of services that they provide alongside food safety.

Being cleaning specialists, Ecowize know the ins and outs of what it means to confidently assess a space and convert it into a high-quality facility.

Ecowize also offers a hygiene auditing service, which will accurately and truthfully audit your food safety facilities, marking you down on anything which may be unsafe or could become unsafe.

This straightforward approach is done because by ensuring your business is running at an optimum level, your business will begin to improve within how other brands and consumers view you.

On top of this, Ecowize is also focused on constantly monitoring new food safety standards, and applying it to their practice, so that your business is always running in the most accountable and honest way possible.

Ten Key Challenges Food Manufacturers Deal With

Pressures On Cost, Quality And Meeting Customer Demands

Having to consistently deliver products which are of the highest quality, yet at an affordable price, and being able to always meet the demand of the customer, is a feat which almost has to always be overcome.

A way to overcome this is by starting at the root causes of the problem, fixing that so that your business is able to produce and provide foodstuffs as efficiently as possible

Ecowize, a leading cleaning and sanitation company, are able to provide a whole host of services which assist in assessing the overall production and supply of your business, improving on it and making it work for you.

Lack Of Leadership

If your business processes are working against you then there will always be a small issue here and a small issue there to fix, meaning that the larger issues can go on unnoticed or ignored.

By training your staff to understand how to cope with and maintain certain systems and features, Ecowize works with you to improve the overall competency of your staff.

Not Following Through

Your staff may be able to identify specific issues that are taking place internally or externally, which is affecting your business.

However, identifying issues and actually targeting and dealing with those issues are two completely different things.

Ecowize has worked in the industry for a long time.

As such, they have dealt with similar issues throughout their time, and will most definitely be able to provide advice and measurements to correct the issues.

No Clear Vision On Future Goals

If your business is only focused on the short term and not looking into how it can grow in the future, you’ve already put yourself in a bad position.

A reason for this, as mentioned above, is that there are so many issues that you are having to deal with in the present, that the future isn’t even a thought.

Where Ecowize can’t define to you exactly how your business should grow or develop, they can provide you with a layout of how to develop a strong foundation in the present.

Through services such as food safety service, a clear principle of practice is developed which will make looking into the future and planning it, a whole lot simpler.

Lack Of Employee Engagement

If your staff is not invested in providing top quality products, then why would your business be selling top quality produce.

The challenge is to understand that as much as your employees may be working for you, they are simultaneously working with you.

Giving them the freedom to feel as if they are making a contribution, as well as have a voice, will improve the morale of your workspace and so too the quality of your products.

Contact Ecowize For More Details On Appropriate Food and Beverage Safety Measures

Ecowize has been at the forefront of food safety and cleaning for over twenty-five years. If you’re looking for a cleaning specialist who cares about the long term future of your business, then contact Ecowize today for further details.

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