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The Key Areas of Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point Systems

Wherever food or beverages are being produced, there is a critical need for hygiene processes that are watertight. This is essential for ensuring a finished product that is safe for consumption, ready for market, and of the highest standards of quality. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems provide an excellent, universal approach to enhancing food safety in this way.

Let us take a closer look at what that involves:

The Hazard Analysis

Here, processes of production are carefully evaluated to see where existing and potential hazards may show themselves.

They may come in the form of physical hazards, chemical hazards or biological ones.

Critical Control Points

Once hazards have been identified, it needs to be determined at which parts of production they need to be controlled.

Where potential hazards have been identified at critical control points, it is necessary to then determine which preventative measures should be put in place to manage them.

Maximum & Minimum Critical Limits

Here, processing characteristics that help to control a hazard at critical points should be established.

This may include things like environment temperature, the presence of potential contaminants, time is taken, PH levels and more. When these critical limits are exceeded for whatever reason, corrective action should be taken.

Monitoring, Records & Verification

The effectiveness of such actions and control points also needs to be recorded and monitored. This way, if they are not effective enough, corrective action can be taken. These records also need to be easy to access and interpret so that control does not take up too much time. However, it needs to do this while being thorough enough to give actionable insights.

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