Ecowize Group is taking steps towards achieving its vision of being the one of the most respected food safety partners internationally, and recently received both local and offshore recognition of its long history of using world class systems, processes and equipment.

South Africa

Ecowize has recently embarked on a partnership at two of SABMiller’s bottling plants due to the brewery recently embarking on an exercise to replace tunnel pasteurisers, and in doing so needed to make use of a higher level of sanitation, The decision by SABMiller to partner with Ecowize was twofold.

Firstly SABMiller wanted to align their outsourcing partners with businesses that share the same accreditation systems. Ecowize is the only ISO22000 Food Safety accredited cleaning company in South Africa.

Secondly, following the replacement of a tunnel pasteuriser at one of their bottling facilities with a flash pasteurisation capability, improved hygiene standards are required prior to signing off the line. Ecowize has an 18 year track record of achieving the required hygiene standards for the vast majority of South Africa’s Blue Chip processing facilities.


Ecowize Australia has embarked on an ISO 4801 workplace safety certification. Certification audits for both Ecowize Australia and Ecowize New Zealand business units will take place in March and May 2014 and will be rolled out across the rest of the Ecowize Group thereafter. The company is very excited about this initiative, which according to a white paper published by the BSI Group appears to be a springboard for ISO 45001 in 2016.

New Zealand

Ecowize New Zealand completed a successful trail period in January 2014 with Canterbury Meat Packers (CMP), one of the county’s leading meat exporting groups, and as a result has signed a long term partnership with Ecowize.

In addition to this, the long awaited contract expansion at LSG Auckland Airport has been signed and the contract will commence on 1 April 2014.  Ecowize New Zealand will take over the remainder of the cleaning shifts at LSG Auckland Airport, making this the biggest contract within the Ecowize New Zealand portfolio.


Ecowize USA are continuing to build its reputation as a serious contender in the US market and has been received as an innovative company with world class systems and world class equipment.

West Liberty Foods, one of the top 10 turkey processors in the USA, based in Utah, is the latest customer amongst a growing list of impressive clients to choose Ecowize as its food safety partner.

Brett Osrin, Ecowize Group MD of Ecowize

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