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Seasonal Pest Control: Preparation is better than cure

With nearly three decades of experience in hygiene, sanitation, and pest control, Ecowize urges organisations of all sizes to consider a pre-emptive approach to keep costly infestations at bay. Enlisting our professional pest control services is a crucial part of any proactive preventative pest control programme to mitigate the risks associated with an infestation.

Identifying pest infestations early can prevent unfavourable circumstances, such as damage to products and property, unsafe health and sanitation, and overall appearance. Conversely, delaying professional pest control services and undermining the magnitude of the problem can pose threats and take more time to fix later.

Some common seasonal pests during warmer times are flies and birds. In addition, geographical location is a critical consideration professional pest control services will use to create a comprehensive pest control strategy.

A thorough risk assessment is critical to our professional pest control services. Therefore, we follow these four steps at the start.

  • Mitigate risks with a proactive approach:
  • Consider a holistic approach and the assistance of a pest professional:
  • Schedule an inspection with a professional:
  • Avoid the one-size-fits-all mindset:

Mitigate risks with a proactive approach

Prevention is better than cure; managing pests is not a once-off activity. Instead, proper pest control should be instilled into a business’s everyday routine. While proactive efforts predominantly take place for the interiors of buildings, this should be duplicated externally as most of the fight against pests develops on the outside.

Consider a holistic approach and the assistance of a pest professional

Professional pest control services can provide the best advice to mitigate challenges. However, they will first need to understand the problem fully. Building a close relationship with a pest professional like Ecowize will ensure you keep up an excellent audit standard. Conducting a once-off cleaning audit will minimise the extent of a pest problem and ensure your business is prepared.

Schedule an inspection with a professional

Professional pest control services will inspect the inside and outside of your property weekly or monthly to identify emerging outbreaks and conditions that encourage infestations. For example, something as small as an open door during the warmer seasons can invite some unwanted visitors. Other potential hotspots for outbreaks include an exterior landscape feature, water ponds, gutters, small holes, or gaps in vents.

Avoid the one-size-fits-all mindset

Securing the services of Ecowize’s professional pest control experts brings forth a dual advantage of heightened efficiency and reduced long-term expenditures. Our trained professionals undertake a comprehensive inspection and assessment of your premises to identify potential entry points for pests. Instead of employing a generic approach that may not effectively target your unique requirements, we tailor our recommendations to directly address the issue at hand.

Recognizing the range of available methods for pest management is pivotal. Through the expertise of Ecowize’s professional pest control services, existing and potential pest challenges can be promptly mitigated. Our well-established low-impact pest control programs encompass a judicious application of pesticides, exclusionary techniques, strategic trapping, and precision-targeted insect baits. By adopting these techniques, we ensure a swift and effective response to pest issues while minimizing environmental impact and safeguarding human health.

On an initial visit with Ecowize, you can expect the following:

  • A basic consultation of the problem from a trained pest-control expert before any work is performed;
  • A step-by-step discussion outlining what the pest-control expert plans, how they will execute it and what will be used. Additionally, the expert can answer any questions you may have; and
  • An explanation of the preparation required for the professional pest control services to be completed.

Contact Ecowize for details

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