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Pest Control – The “PEST”ky Weather


Along with many challenges facing Pest Management these days, one that has and is set to cause some real trouble is the current severe weather conditions we have been experiencing of late. The effects of El Niño and/or La Niña are far reaching and our poor pests are not immune from the impacts of such uncompromising weather patterns.

Pests are, in fact, extremely sensitive to the onset of extreme weather and will take equally extreme actions to preserve themselves in such times. According to a report by the World Health Organisation, a variety of extreme weather conditions during the 21st century has resulted in significant changes in ecology, climate and the behaviour of us humans. This has favoured the development of pests.

In South Africa this year, we have witnessed some of the most extreme weather patterns in decades and the impacts thereof have been significant to many. The conditions have seen severe flooding in some provinces, but with severe drought in others. As a result we have already seen the impact of these conditions on the prevalence and activity of pests. An example of this, that has been well publicized, is the recent infestation of Army Worm, which could be a significant issue for maize crops, among others. The onset of Army Worm is particularly rampant after time of prolonged drought associated with a weather phenomenon like La Niña.

During times of drought or flooding, rodents become very active as they seek refuge or food and water. Rodents are infected with a wide range of pathogens that are harmful to humans. In the Western Cape, which is in the grips of one of its worst drought in history, we have noticed a significant increase in rodent activity in general. In The Northern parts of South Africa, where we have seen severe flooding; there will be a strong chance of an increased in prevalence and activity of Mosquitoes, ticks and ants.

A Critical Intervention – Integrated Pest Management Strategy- will be a fundamental pillar to help against infestations, but you will need to address the various new risks and threats to your Brand and customers, because of this “Pest”ky weather.

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By Gareth Lloyd-Jones 8 March 2017

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