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Let’s Talk Ecowize Chemicals: Moving Toward the Future, One Chemical at a Time

In today’s rapidly changing world, Ecowize is steadfastly contributing to a brighter, cleaner future. We are gearing up for the launch of several new products in Quarter 3 of 2023, expanding our already comprehensive range. While innovation drives us to develop more sustainable and efficient products, it is our core values that navigate us toward developing best-in-class chemical solutions beyond the food and beverage industry. Throughout the process, teamwork and transparency underpin every step, giving us the confidence to stand proudly behind our range of products.

World-Class Quality: A Commitment to Excellence

At Ecowize, our journey of innovation begins by simply listening to our customers. We see your feedback as more than just comments; we consider it invaluable guidance that helps us imagine new and better versions of our products.
Our dedicated team of chemists, engineers, and consultants aren’t just colleagues; they’re more like a family working side by side. Together, they explore the intricate world of active ingredients, mixing and matching until they find the perfect balance for effective, stable products.
We subject all our products to rigorous testing in line with global benchmarks. This includes the European Standard (EN) testing protocols for disinfectants, as well as the South African adaptation (SANS). Every hard surface disinfectant we offer is registered with the NRCS under VC8054, meeting stringent criteria for use on food contact surfaces.
Our suite of chemicals undergoes thorough toxicology evaluations by autonomous entities such as Intertek or NSF International. These organizations manage the registration of non-food compounds that are used for food contact and non-food contact food surfaces, ensuring compliance with food safety norms and regulatory mandates.

Steadfast Certification: A Proactive Approach to Compliance

At Ecowize, adherence to rules and regulations is not just a requirement—it is a fundamental aspect of our corporate conduct. As the food safety industry grapples with ever-evolving regulations, we stay ahead of the curve, continually adapting to uphold the integrity of our products and guarantee compliance with industry standards. When regulations shift, we respond swiftly, updating our formulations to align with new requirements without compromising product quality.

More Than Just Chemicals: We Offer a Service

Our sales and operation teams undergo extensive training, equipping them with the knowledge to educate our customers on effective product usage. They provide expert recommendations for products and equipment to streamline applications, thereby minimizing costs and risks for our clients.
We don’t just supply chemicals; we serve as a valuable resource for our customers. Our team provides insights on correct sanitization procedures and establishes robust protocols to be followed during microbial outbreaks, ensuring that our customers are always prepared and protected.

At Ecowize, the safety of our employees and customers is more than a priority—it’s a fundamental value that defines who we are. As we gear up for an exciting new chapter with the launch of our upcoming products, we stand proudly behind our commitment to quality, safety, and service. By focusing on customer feedback, collaboration, stringent testing standards, and proactive regulatory compliance, we are setting the stage for a cleaner, safer future — one chemical at a time.

We invite you to join us on this journey toward a brighter, more sustainable future with Ecowize. To see our range of chemicals

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