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Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning is the most common practice in food and beverage processing environments that don’t have reduced moisture requirements. Specialised equipment, chemicals and procedures are tailormade to each client’s needs to improve the adherence to internal and external audit and regulatory requirements. We’ll ensure that your facility continues to operate with the peace of mind that your brand is protected.

Dry Cleaning

The use or presence of water in dry processing environments can carry significant risks for microbial growth and cross-contamination. Reducing moisture during the cleaning process can be a challenge without the correct procedures and equipment in place. We’re here to help you with the requirements to ensure your plant is microbiologically and visually clean, without compromising the end product.

No matter which industry or environment you operate in, or the size of the project, Ecowize offers flexible solutions to ensure our clients are met with minimum downtime.

Ensuring product quality and safety is paramount for upholding your brand’s reputation in the Poultry Industry. At Ecowize, we take immense pride in being your trusted partner, delivering top-tier cleaning and sanitation services to the South African poultry sector. In a landscape filled with risks—such as bacteria, germs, foreign contaminants, and toxins—our mission is to proactively protect your operation, leaving no room for compromise. Biosecurity is an essential measure aimed at preventing the introduction and spread of harmful organisms that can cause infectious diseases in animals and humans. Effective biosecurity programs are crucial for maintaining food safety and protecting both operations and consumers.

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We boast a wide range of products that remove any chance of contamination from occurring. This includes the assurance that bacteria can not spread to such an extent that the red meat is dangerous to eat. This could cause illness and ,in some cases, even lead to death. Through the combined efforts of our cleaning and sanitation products and services we will process the food efficiently. As the leader in premium cleaning and sanitation services and a trusted partner in the meat industry across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA, we understand the risks of failing to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation in the meat industry. That is why we offer our clients customised, certified solutions to mitigate the risk.

Red Meat

Whether it’s fish or shellfish, we can help you adhere to the industry regulations for safety and hygiene while you focus on demand. This is a task that is essential in protecting your growing brand. Our cleaning and sanitation solutions are designed to reduce product wastage and maximise production outputs while safeguarding processes. Our aim is to protect environments even after the cleaning has stopped. Moreover, we look to ensure that sustainable practice is adhered to through a decrease in wastage. Such wastage occurs when proper contamination processes are not adhered to. We supply you with the products and services so that your customers are satisfied with your produce. Furthermore, we want to see your reputation enhanced as the level of sanitation improves. Breed loyalty and reliability today.


Ecowize is a preferred supplier of major retailers, and we understand the pressures the fresh produce market faces in today’s changing environment. We believe our tailored brand protection programme can not only improve hygiene conditions in your business, but also ensure the longevity of your brand. This extends to the loyalty you will find when you have the correct food safety measures in place. We will provide you with everything you require for success. This includes a process plan so that you know exactly what you need to do for sanitation to be upheld. Contamination is a nasty thing and Ecowize will be there with you hand in hand to ensure that your fresh produce stays that way. You are a food handler and as such you are responsible for what people consume. Take the correct steps today and use a cleaning and sanitation company that has worked in the food sector for years.

Fresh Produce

We serve you with care and consideration. Bartenders want to serve you the same. At Ecowize we are committed to delivering premium services using state of the art technology. Furthermore, we guarantee the highest compliance level of cleaning processes as we adapt to the changing environment in the brewing and beverage industry. It is more than simply cleaning out your tanks. There are certain processes and cleaning products that mitigate contamination altogether. Furthermore, the use of best practices will ensure that customers drinking products from your brewery do not get ill. The dirtiest section of your brewery needs to be kept clean. Cleaner parts also need to be upheld. We provide products and services as well as process plans so that you know how to keep your brewery safe and sanitised.

Brewing & Beverage

We develop solutions designed to assist with the safe production of bakery goods. We also customise the strategies to fit the needs of your business. Our goal is to improve your cleaning systems, reduce the total operational cost and increase productivity. This can be accomplished through the use of cleaning and sanitation products. Our process plan allows you to do your own sanitation upkeep which means that you know for a fact your space produces only the best bakery goods. With different individuals working in a space, the area needs to be kept at a level which mitigates contamination. The utensils used need to be cleaned as any chance of bacteria or germs getting into the food can lead to serious risk. Ecowize will develop efficient cleaning programs that encourage cost savings across all areas of the business. This invades labor and chemicals.


We know product quality and safety is a strong focus for brand protection and reputation in the snack food industry. Providing sweets to the public sounds fun, but the process of making the snacks often requires a lot of focus. Snack foods are under constant surveillance from food authorities to ensure correct representation of brands to the general consumer. With that in mind, our key responsibility is ensuring your brand and products avoid the negative publicity and reputational damage that can flow from a foodborne illness crisis. We offer a comprehensive approach to our services as we provide you with a cleaning and sanitation plan that guarantees best practice. Keep the joy of sweets in the packets with the right sanitation measures.

Snacks & Sweets

At Ecowize we understand the risks involved with Ready-to-Eat products. As one of the product categories with the highest risk of contamination, our brand protection programme ensures that ,together with our clients, we mitigate the risks. Ecowize can help operators maintain a microbiologically clean plant that complies with legislation. Our rigorous approach will ensure line integrity, help maximise your production capabilities and contribute to asset maintenance. Talk to us about: periodic cleaning solutions, critical response services to deal with potentially serious contamination issues, and comprehensive services, or a complementary programme, which will allow your operators to focus on production.

Ready to Eat

Quality Milk and Healthy Livestock Proper hygiene in dairy farming directly affects both the quality of milk produced and the overall health of the livestock. However, good hygiene goes beyond mere cleanliness. It plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal milk yield and maintaining the cows’ well-being. One of the primary concerns in dairy farming is Mastitis, an inflammation of the udder. This condition can quickly spread among cows, especially during milking or even while they rest. Therefore, it becomes imperative to maintain a clean and controlled environment.

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