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How is Ecowize Cleaning Up the City?

Sanitation is an important facet that keeps our lives safe and secure.

Without proper sanitation methods, for example in the home, life would become very difficult to live, with the disease spreading easily and with more chance of risk of illness.

Taking this principle to the workplace, especially in the food and beverage related industries, if sanitation is not held to a high standard, the disease can spread at a fast rate to a large number of people.

Ecowize, a highly regarded industry cleaning specialist, is happy to help any business, including those in the food and beverage industry, with the upkeep and improvement of hygiene practices.

A Look At Ecowize

Ecowize takes sanitation and cleanliness seriously. Being the leading cleaning specialists in the food and beverage industries is no easy task, and comes with a lot of responsibility. Ecowize has remained dedicated and flawless in its execution.

Through becoming proficient in the understanding of the business needs, and sanitary criteria, which needs to be upheld, Ecowize has been able to stay at the top of their game. Ecowize, sanitiser specialists, also provide businesses with professional pest control services and aim to always maintain their goal of keeping your business as clean and efficient as possible, while improving and safeguarding the integrity of the brand as a whole.

Ecowize is an efficient chemical sanitiser business and provides their clients with systematic processes that are not only effective but offer a standard of sanitisation that is fully up to code.

Being the market leader within the industry, Ecowize lives and breathes within a national infrastructure, meaning that your business will be treated and cleaned with exactly the same amount of consideration and focus as any other business in South Africa.

Your business’s needs will be achieved, and regardless the type of “complex site”, wet or dry plants, will receive the best treatment possible and the most high-quality chemical sanitisers available in the market.

Ecowize is more than happy to innovate and adopt new, advanced technology, because as technology improves the accuracy and efficiency of their sanitising and pest control improves.

Consistency is key, and Ecowize is driven to deliver the highest quality of cleaning and professional pest control possible. Having said that, Ecowize has developed E-Systems, in order to help track and supply the finest service with the greatest results.

Continuing with this top-notch service delivery, Ecowize has a desire to help their clients recognise and apply processes which will aid in decreasing the operational costs as a whole.

Proudly BBBEE compliant, the goal is to not only equip employees with the necessary skills to create a safe working environment but to also help in turning South Africa into a fair and equal playing ground for the entire nation, providing opportunities for all.

The reason why Ecowize has such high client retention is because of the amount of effort and diligence they put in. Always looking to better an already high-quality service, they will stop at nothing to be as effective and transparent as possible, while always considering the customer’s feedback.

Helping You Help Yourself Through Critical Programs

Ecowize, while being cleaning specialists, have a number of different services, which they offer under that bracket. The more the merrier and the more beneficial it is for your company.

Using top grade chemical sanitisers, these programs are all required services that need to be executed in order for your business and brand to meet with the standards of quality control.

These controls ensure that your business is more than capable of selling products that are guaranteed to be safe, clean and of outstanding quality. Improving your brand confidence with your consumers.

Essential Services

Grounds Maintenance

Working from out to in, grounds maintenance is an important part of verifying the professionalism of your business. Cleaning specialists, Ecowize, are able to turn your grounds into a well kept sanitary space, which will only help in promoting a positive brand image.

With a wide range of grounds maintenance services, Ecowize is capable of transforming and refine the outside aesthetic and overall hygiene of your grounds.

Being chemical sanitisers means that Ecowize is not only able to provide general clean up and housekeeping, car park cleaning and pruning of the grounds plants, but are also able to prepare the irrigation systems and removal of noxious weeds.

Alongside this, Ecowize supplies your business grounds with lawn mowing, exterior cleaning, water conservation strategies and scheduled grounds maintenance.

Where Ecowize is dedicated to making your grounds look as high quality as possible, as they are cleaning specialists, they also have focus on maintaining the natural environment, and as such will always try to balance their conservation efforts with their enhancement goals.

On-Site Laundry Management

The presentation of your staff, to your clients, should always be something you want to maintain or even improve on. Having a business who is intent on maintaining a professional outlook for your business goes a long way.

Chemical sanitisers, Ecowize, utilise state of the art hygiene technology in order to get the most out of their cleaning service. Laundry is no exception as high-quality machinery and systems are installed on-site, refining the quality. Ecowize focus their efforts on the immediate collecting, cleaning and folding of your laundry, and have even ensured that, if need be, they hand out all laundry articles needed before every shift.

Food Safety Audits

The safety of food is important when dealing with businesses who sell food products. Ecowize’s limits do not stop at be able to provide professional pest control services and are professionally trained food safety surveyors.

What this means is that Ecowize will help your business maintain the highest quality of food safety and standards. This is done by providing knowledge and education on the level of a business’s food safety, and also how safety can be improved, raising the standards while improving the brand as a by-product.

Gap Analysis/ Pre-Assessment Audits

What is the Gap Analysis? Gap Analysis Audit or Pre-Assessment is the start of a business’s career road, where inspection of your product, grounds and level of hygiene is done which will put you in a specific bracket or standard.

This is done for the benefit of your business. Knowing where you stand within the specifications of what is needed to have industry-grade food safety, means that you have a basis in which to improve the standard as time goes on.

The ability to know where your food safety is going right, as well as going wrong, is an advantage for your business, especially if you are just starting out.

Ecowize does not just tell you where your pitfalls are, they also provide you with documentation and schemes, which will help in boosting the quality of your products.

Internal Audits

Internal Audits are a regulated and required task, which must be done in order to legally grade your business within the Food Safety Management system.

Ecowize, cleaning specialists, provide the internal audits and are competent in the assessment process which determines your business’s rank. Qualified in undertaking such a task, Ecowize wants to be as open and transparent with your business.

By not paving over the cracks and actually being honest with your business food safety standards, Ecowize will then be able administer the correct procedures for your business which will improve the standards.

Supply Chain Audits

Supply Chain Audits are an added benefit, which allows for your business to maximise the potential of your supply chain, removing any levels, which are not needed, and boosting the quality of the supply chain as high as possible.

Washroom Hygiene Solutions

With multiple washroom hygiene techniques being installed for your business, Ecowize works to ensure that your business is sustaining a high personal hygiene level, which indicates that food safety is of high quality in itself.

Technologies and Products

Food Grade Chemicals

Ecowize is a dedicated and professional cleaning specialist, offering a complete sanitary service.

Ecowize is always ready to use the latest innovation in food-grade chemicals, as they constantly strive to improve the quality of their service. The chemical sanitisers utilised are completely food-friendly and are simple to use for your day to day needs.

Industrial Washing Systems and Cleaning

Ecowize has equipped themselves with long-lasting cleaning products and devices, which have revolutionised the way in which your manufacturing plant is sanitised.

Ecowize is proud to guarantee high performance in the cleansing process as industry-proven cleaning specialists.

What they are even more proud to guarantee is that they are offering equipment that is of not only outstanding quality, but also decreases the amount of water, chemicals and labour used. This, in turn, allows your business to save money, which can be put towards expanding the brand of your business.


As the leading authority of all things hygiene and cleaning, Ecowize promises to deliver solutions which benefit the entire business, head to toe, with the belief that inward diligence to clean spaces, will only increase the image of professionalism and compassion.

Specific programmes have been designed which are focused on creating a hygienic habit for your business.

Automation is the process whereby machines do the operating of systems almost entirely. Ecowize uses such a system with their chemical dispensing items, geared towards making the hygiene factor a simple one.

Ecowize constantly look to improve and advance their products by looking for new technologies and systems, which make chemical sanitizers, as one example, more efficient and effective.

Pest Control

Ecowize continues to show why they are one of the best professional pest control services, dealing with a whole host of different types of pest removals.

Using fumigation, exclusion techniques and insect-specific baits, Ecowize has a good result record in terms of disposing of pests. The long-lasting nature of their service can give your business peace of mind, knowing your food products are safe.

Types of Insects Ecowize Removes

  • Flies
  • Store Products Insects (SPI)
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Rats & Mice
  • Bedbugs
  • Fish moths
  • Booklice
  • Wood Destroying Insects
  • Birds
  • Bees
  • Crickets
  • Centipedes and millipedes
  • Snakes
  • Termites

Chemical Supply and Management

Ecowize’ mission is not simply to create clean spaces; it is about developing the ideal standards for your business, in the food and beverage industry.

Being the most proficient hygiene and cleaning specialists is not an easy feat. Ecowize has put painstaking work and dedication into understanding exactly what is needed to make your business the best it can be.

Through the constant striving of excellence and knowledge building Ecowize can confidently say they will take the standards of your business today, and increase it tenfold.

Having the ability to cut costs, cleaning time, provide professional pest control and industry-driven techniques and process for which your business will only benefit, is what makes Ecowize the difference.

Why Choose Ecowize?

An industry-leading and standard knowledgeable service motivated business, Ecowize has been able to develop themselves into a reputable and professional company.

Ecowize always has the belief that if your business is not up to code, they can get you there. More importantly, if your business is up to code, they want to improve your standards and procedures in order to maximise their top of the line technologies and systems.

Contact Ecowize for Details on Improving Your Sanitation


Ecowize is proud to be a part of your team, by improving the quality of your sanitation. Are you looking for a reliable sanitary company? Contact Ecowize today for further details on how you can improve your sanitation needs.

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