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Fogging vs Misting: Know the Difference

Pest control involves different methods, but it’s important to determine the right technique for the specific type of infestation. Misting and fogging are two commonly used techniques, but they have notable differences in terms of droplet size and temperature used. It’s crucial to understand these differences to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

Differences between Misting & Fogging


  • Droplet size ± 200 microns
  • Droplets fall to the floor leaving a wet film/residual on the surface
  • Applied through ULV
  • Cold application
  • Suited for crawling insects


  • Droplet size ± 10 microns
  • Droplets are small and remain dispersed in the air
  • Applied through thermal foggers
  • Heated application
  • Suited for flying insects

Ecowize pest control division specialises in both misting and fogging. Contact us for an assessment of your facility and more information on which techniques are suited for your pest control issues. contact us

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