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Explore our Poultry Catalogue for a diverse selection of products and services tailored to meet the specific needs of the poultry industry.

Ensuring product quality and safety is paramount for upholding your brand’s reputation in the Poultry Industry. At Ecowize, we take immense pride in being your trusted partner, delivering top-tier cleaning and sanitation services to the South African poultry sector. In a landscape filled with risks—such as bacteria, germs, foreign contaminants, and toxins—our mission is to proactively protect your operation, leaving no room for compromise.

Biosecurity is an essential measure aimed at preventing the introduction and spread of harmful organisms that can cause infectious diseases in animals and humans. Effective biosecurity programs are crucial for maintaining food safety and protecting both operations and consumers.

These programs should adhere to World Animal Welfare Standards, ensuring a disease-free zone without compromising animal well-being. Infectious diseases, including
Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD),
New Castle Disease,
Infectious Bronchitis,
Avian Influenza, and
Avian Mycoplasmas,

are caused by viral and bacterial infections. Adequate biosecurity measures are essential for preventing the spread of these diseases, with measures such as vaccination, regular monitoring, testing, and proper sanitation practices.

Preventing and controlling these and other diseases requires a comprehensive approach, involving cooperation among stakeholders, including farmers, veterinarians, consultants, chemical and feed manufacturers, and government authorities. By implementing and enforcing these measures, we can ensure the safety and security of our food supply, protect animal health and welfare, and safeguard public health.

To discover our diverse range of products and services, we invite you to explore our Poultry Catalogue. Inside, you’ll find detailed information on a variety of relevant products and services designed to meet your specific needs.

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