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EXPERTISE THAT NEVER SETTLES – We’re always on the lookout for changes that may affect your business.

At Ecowize, we take pride in our achievements. That’s not because we like blowing our own horn – rather, we are pleased that each of our milestones delivers peace of mind to our valued customers, both new and longstanding.

An example of that is our ISO220000 food safety certification, which we’ve been awarded for 12 years in a row. In fact, we’re the only cleaning and sanitation company to achieve this badge of honour for a consecutive decade, enabling us – as well as you – to be confident in our abilities and the value that we bring to the table.

In basic terms, this guarantees that our food safety management system complies with all the requirements set out in this globally recognised standard. It includes an assessment of all risks linked to the processes that we use in cleaning and sanitising in various food sectors. It promotes a powerful food safety culture within our organisation through continuous improvement and risk-based thinking.

The annual certification is the by-product of effective teamwork, from head office to those on the ground at our clients’ sites. These kinds of results are only the result of everyone doing what they should with passion and dedication. But beyond this teamwork and commitment, another crucial ingredient in the recipe is up to date, always-evolving expertise that never settles for what it knows.

Rather, our in-house experts are always looking for new, innovative ways of doing things, making sure to always stay ahead of global best practice and keep an eye out for important changes on the horizon. We’re proud to be the home of many authorities in the fields of cleaning and sanitation, whose know-how fuels us forward.

Achieving the ISO220000 certification is evidence of our loyalty to food safety standards and our ongoing commitment to our customers, equipping us to understand their needs better. This strengthens the Ecowize Food Safety Culture as we continue to provide our cleaning and sanitation services.

Our specialists are always on the lookout for newly identified risks or challenges in the food industry and get involved in protocol development and trials so that they help understand industry changes better. This expertise filters across our entire network, enabling Ecowize to regularly measure, continually maintain and always manage our system to give you the best results, time after time.

All of this makes us the perfect partner for when our clients undergo their own third-party audits. We designate staff to present the cleaning and sanitation section on behalf of our customers, making the process easier and simpler.

So, what are some of the changes facing the food safety sector, which may have an impact on the auditing process of our customers. We asked some of our in-house experts and this is what they said:


  1. We’ve noticed a change in how on-site audits are done. Today’s auditor isn’t only interested in reviewing documents and records. They want to be assured that the right practice is done, even when no one is watching, which has led the audit process to include more and more random interviews with staff. To rise to this new challenge, we recommend to our customers to focus more on the food safety culture within the organisation. This can be achieved through training, communication and recognition programs, ensuring that all staff understand why and how their role affects food safety.
  2. Many food safety systems have moved to a digital platform. This positively affects the audit process because information is available at your fingertips. It also opens up new capabilities, like looking at trends. It’s important to ensure that these systems are maintained and available as needed, during the audit process.
  3. We’re also seeing an increase in the use of virtual platforms, largely since the outbreak of COVID-19, used for meetings (internal and external) or during audits (for interviews and opening/closing meetings). This increases the availability of the teams involved, broadening the audience.

Whatever the change, rest assured that Ecowize is up to date and ready to empower you to deal with a world that is always in flux.

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