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“As a Food Safety Solutions partner, we pride ourselves to provide each customer with the best solution possible to eliminate/mitigate any potential food safety risks. Using our unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience we provide solutions in the wet and dry space giving each customer peace of mind that their food safety compliance portion of the cleaning PRP is fully taken care of.” Cecil Viljoen, GM

What’s the difference between wet and dry cleaning?

In a professional, food-safe site, it is absolutely essential to understand the distinction between wet cleaning and dry cleaning. Wet cleaning involves the use of water, detergents, and sanitisers to physically remove dirt, stains, and microorganisms from surfaces. This method effectively eliminates visible debris and reduces bacterial contamination. It is typically used to clean food preparation areas, equipment, and utensils.

On the other hand, dry cleaning utilises techniques that do not require water. It typically involves the use of dry cleaning solvents, vacuuming, and brushing to remove dry soils and particles from surfaces. Dry cleaning is best for areas or equipment where moisture may pose a risk, such as electrical components or sensitive machinery.

By making use of both wet and dry-cleaning methods in the right ways, food-handling sites can ensure a comprehensive approach to cleanliness, minimising the risk of cross-contamination and upholding food safety standards. Ultimately, we’re after a pathogen-free environment and Ecowize has both the expertise and experience to deliver on both, handling all of your wet cleaning needs with ease.

Does wet cleaning waste unnecessary water?

As a cleaning and sanitation specialist, we apply smart saving techniques (including alternating between high and low pressure), automation to prevent wastage, and other innovative ways of working respectfully (such as exploring dry ice or steam cleaning) with our most important resource – without comprising on the cleaning standards we are committed to upholding.

Why is Ecowize the right strategic partner for your wet cleaning needs?

We don’t bring up our 25 years of experience to boast. No, we bring it up to give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the right partner in your corner. We have honed our processes and procedures to deliver on the perfect combination of time (how long we clean for), water (how much or how little we use, and at what temperature), people (our trained teams and trainers who empower the staff of our on-site clients) and chemicals (we have purposefully designed our own range of proven detergents and disinfectants for our clients)

Let’s take care of your wet cleaning needs together!

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