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A Quick Guide to Careers in Food Hygiene and Safety Industry

Explore the diverse career paths in the food hygiene and safety industry. Our video provides
a detailed overview of the qualifications needed and the roles available.


Ecowize has been a leader in keeping the food industry safe for over 25 years, specializing in cleaning and pest control services. These services are crucial because they help prevent illnesses that can come from contaminated food. This article explores different job opportunities in this vital industry and what you need to know to start a career in food hygiene and safety.

What Does the Food Hygiene and Safety Industry Do?

This industry focuses on making sure food production areas are clean and safe. Companies like Ecowize clean equipment and buildings where food is processed and handle pests that might contaminate food. They play a big part in making sure the food we eat doesn’t make us sick.

Career Opportunities

1. Hygiene Operator

A hygiene operator cleans and sanitizes food production areas every day. They make sure that the machines and spaces where food is produced are free from germs and dirt. What you need: Usually, finishing high school is enough to start. If you have some experience or special training in keeping food safe, like learning about food safety rules (HACCP), you’re even more likely to get the job.

2. High-Level Hygiene Operator

This job involves cleaning hard-to-reach areas, like high ceilings or tops of large machines. What you need: You must be trained to work safely at heights, which you can prove by having a rope access training certificate.

3. Cleaning Supervisor

These supervisors manage teams that clean food production areas. They make sure everyone follows safety rules and cleans properly. What you need: You should have worked in a similar job for at least two years and be good at leading others.

4. Site Manager

Site managers run the whole cleaning operation at a facility. They make sure everything is done right and lead the teams. What you need: You need experience in managing people and processes. Studying food technology or management can also help you get this job.

5. Pest Control Operator

Pest control operators deal with insects and animals that can contaminate food. They use special methods to remove these pests safely. What you need: You must be officially recognized as a pest control technician, which includes training and passing tests to use pesticides safely.

How to Start a Career in This Industry

Starting a career in food hygiene and safety usually begins with basic education and can include specialized training, depending on the job. Here are the general steps:

  • Education: Most jobs require at least a Grade 12 education.
  • Training and Certification: You’ll need specific training and certificates for more specialized roles, like pest control or high-level cleaning.
  • Experience: Starting with an entry-level position like a hygiene operator can help you gain the necessary experience to move up to supervisory or managerial roles.

Importance of These Jobs

Working in food hygiene and safety is important because it directly impacts public health. Everyone wants their food to be safe to eat, and this industry makes that possible. It’s a field with a lot of responsibility but also a lot of satisfaction because you are helping keep people healthy.


Choosing a career in food hygiene and safety means you are stepping into a role that matters every day. Companies like Ecowize offer various paths, from entry-level to management, each with its own training and education requirements. The industry provides job security and the opportunity to advance and specialize in areas that impact everyone’s well-being. As more people become aware of the importance of food safety, the demand for skilled professionals in this field will continue to grow. Check out our article on CV and Interview Tips to enter this exciting and rewarding field.


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